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As an established Australian Internet Service Provider (ISP) we realise that the key to our success in the long run very much depends on how satisfied our clients are with the quality of the connection we provide to the Internet. We could be losing customers as fast and as easily as we are getting them if they are not satisfied with what we are providing. Not just the connection speed, but also the ease of being able to get connected. We give much emphasis to the connectivity factor. The simple act of establishing an Internet connection without getting engaged tones. To this aim a low client to modem ratio is constantly maintained so that there would be virtually no wait even at peak hours. Our  Premium SureDial Business Grade connections take the frustration out of Internet Access.

There is another kind of frustration which as a user you may already have experienced. That is you subscribe with an ISP for a set hourly plan, or unlimited Internet Access, at what appears to be a very attractive rate, but then at the end of the month you are presented with a massive excess charge for "download". Ever wondered why your ISP encourages you to go to Free Software download Sites?  Using our Premium Business Connection, download as much software as you like, there is no limit (Permanent Modem at $195, and Unlimited Time excepted).

Fed up with your ISP's engaged tones, constant frozen screens, slow  downloads that freeze towards the end, a massive Excess Download Bill!! Treat yourself to SureDial a hassle free Internet experience. Testimonials

SureDial Dialup Access Accounts, check them out:
Sydney Access Only- Unlimited Time and Download 
National Connection- Unlimited Download
National Internet Connection- Unlimited Time

Plug'nGo ADSL Plans:
We offer Broadband both to Home and Business Users. Prominent Features of our Broadband ADSL are:

  • Very EASY to set-up, just plug and go.
  • High quality service line.
  • Excellent technical support.  Click Here
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