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Many times clients come to us asking to improve their website's design. When we look at their site it looks great. Yet it hardly gets visited, and even if it did, little business would result from it.

Let us stress here, an ecommerce website is not an entity to itself, it must be part and parcel of the whole marketing and sales strategy of a business.

Your site can beautifully display your company's product range, take orders online, provide 24 hours service support, but it is not going to do any of the above if your potential customers cannot find it.

Even if your clients could find you on the Net, procedures have to be  in place to respond to customer queries, orders, information requests and quotes. Having established your procedures, your website is ready for business. 

Ecommerce site development is today part and parcel of the Marketing function, with Sales being responsible for making sure online queries and orders are handled smoothly and efficiently.

If your goal is beyond having a mere web presence, then your site's design has to integrate well within your Marketing and Sales Strategies.

With over 9 years of website development experience, our web designers know exactly what is required to make your site a success.

Not only they make sure your website is attractive and pleasing to look at, but that it is also:

  • Search Engine Friendly

  • Maintains customer interest while browsing

  • Satisfies the customer as to your products' suitability

  • Stimulates an order

Effective web design need not be expensive, the bulk of your budget really has to be devoted to the promotion of the website online. Our consultants will ensure that your website  makes the greatest marketing impact from day one.  We make sure that all functions are smoothly integrated including people training if required. After all its really up to your staffs' cooperation to make your online project a definite success.

If you are serious about eCommerce, our designers will gladly help you to carve a niche market for yourself online. Drop us an email or contact us today.

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