IT Outsourcing services for Business

Oznet designs, develops and manages Internet and branch office communications systems for businesses with multi-site operations. We also provide IT outsourcing services for business to have some or all of their computing and networking service managed externally.

If you're running a business with multiple branches then you'll know how important branch office communication is. Making sure the right information gets to the right people on time is a challenge - and vital to business success.

Many large businesses establish their own private networks to carry branch office traffic. But the cost and complexity of setting up and maintaining in-house IT networks can be beyond the reach of smaller companies.

Businesses that use Oznet's VPN services for branch-office communications have access to email and all the other services as companies that own and operate their own in-house IT network - but without the infrastructure and maintenance costs associated with owning expensive IT and networking equipment.

Oznet provides effective communication solutions that are tailored to meet your exact needs.

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Permanent Modem Access
ISDN Connections
DSL Broadband
Virtual Private Servers- VPS
Dedicated Servers
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MySQL/PHP Programming
Shopping Cart Hosting
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