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Comprehensive Suite of Internet Services  for Australia

Established in 1999, Oznet is a National Australian ISP (Internet Service Provider) providing subscriber Internet plans and related products to clients in Australia and overseas.

Our objective is to provide clients with a comprehensive suite of Internet related services at a cheap and affordable price. 

Our Premium Grade SureDial Dialup Internet access is available Australia wide with 99.9% access coverage. In Addition we provide DSL ADSL & ISDN access plans for a fast Internet connection.

Oznet is pioneering "inbound marketing" in Australia to enable our clients to utilise digital age technology and strategically use it to maximise productivity in their business.  

Oznet's web site hosting plans are tailored to suit your exact needs. This flexibility and a friendly approach to client support has been the key to our continuing success. While many ISP's have folded, we are expanding our reach and business scope.

We employ specialist professional consultants for Intranet, Internet and Networking using Windows, Linux or Novell; plus application developments in Visual Basic, PostgreSQL, PHP and MySQL.

We realise that the key to our success very much depends on the quality of our support, hence strive to improve constantly on client support and satisfaction. 

Here is a comment from a survey we did. "Not only does a real person answer the phone when I call, he can answer all my questions.  The service you provide is what attracted me to OZNET and is also what keeps me there." survey  

"Building relationships with customers appears to be a key strength of OZNET"

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