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Do you have a Web Marketing Strategy in place? As web designers and hosting providers we often get calls from prospective clients asking for cheap online solutions. Their request is mostly the same; they have a website with a few pages which hardly ever gets any traffic. They only need one email address for their domain, and do not want to pay very much for design or hosting.

"What's the point of having a website if it's not generating any traffic?.

You either have a web site because everyone else has one and it seems a good idea, or you take your site and it's strategic marketing very seriously.

In the former case we recommend that you publish your pages to your ISP's free web space which they provide, and activate a Domain Redirection through Oznet. This is called web or URL forwarding, please see this page for details (Web Forwarding).

If you treat your website seriously, then the issue changes from a cheap solution to proper web design,  development, and niche online marketing. Websites are an excellent avenue for generating targeted leads, however they need continuous updating, upgrading, and monitoring to keep up a high level of interest amongst visitors and improve appearance, functionality and freshness. Appropriate words that best describe your business (Keywords) play an important role in attracting online traffic. An effective web marketing strategy is vital. It can send your enquiry rate through the roof. Traffic generating marketing methods that are not intrusive but permission based are extremely effective and could form the bulk of your ( inbound marketing ) Strategy. What marketing strategies are you using in these recessionary times?

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