ISDN Connections
64kb to 128kb

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is the digital replacement for existing analogue (PSTN) telephone services. ISDN transmits data five or more times faster than analogue modems. This means graphics, audio, and video come through much faster, and download time is substantially decreased. If you are dialling into a corporate LAN, ISDN allows applications to run at speeds much closer to the speed of the LAN in the office. ISDN transmits data digitally, hence it is less susceptible to static and noise. Voice over ISDN is crystal clear and has the quality of an audio CD. Data connections too are virtually error-free.

ISDN installation brings significant advantage for offices with 10-50 users for e-mail and browsing facilities. Oznet offers Dial-up and Permanent ISDN service connections from 64kbs up to 128kbs to empower your e-commerce and e-business. You'll find our prices most competitive on the Australian market.

Data Over Voice ISDN (DOV) is much more cost efficient than ADSL Broadband and free of all the technical hassles associated with ADSL. Compare our prices below:

Dial-up ISDN, Price per month Sydney
Type Time Download Price Excess MB
64kbs Unlimited  500 MB $38 $0.15/MB
128kbs  Unlimited 500 MB $77 $0.15/MB
Free Set-up for Dial-up ISDN
Permanent ISDN, Price per month Sydney
64kbs Unlimited 500 MB $145 $0.15/MB
64kbs Unlimited Unlimited $195 N/A
128kbs Unlimited 500 MB $289 $0.15/MB
128kbs Unlimited Unlimited $378 N/A
Set-up Charge $165
Dynamic IP with Dial-up, Static IP with Permanent ISDN. Accounts are prepaid monthly in advance.

You join January 16 for $38 per month.
Subscription for the remaining of January $19
Subscription for February $38
Payable at subscription time $57 including 10% GST
Plus Set-up charge if applicable (not for Dial-up ISDN)
Total: $57, and $38 for March onwards.

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