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We offer professional Search Engine Optimisation Services in Sydney and for any other city in Australia. Our website optimisation services (SEO) are targeted towards getting a high Google ranking. However a high ranking on Google also means that you will do well on other Search Engines.

If you currently have a website, our service will cover the following for optimising your site's Google Ranking.

We evaluate your site, together with 3 of your competitors to see how well they rank on Google. You will get comparative Google ranking results together with an SEO recommendation summary for what action needs to be taken.  The report will outline the keywords and keyword phrases that you could select to improve Your website ranking  with Google and indicate the cost breakdown for us to code your website.

Once Keywords are selected and agreed upon we code your pages for optimal ranking with Google. The cost of this service depends on how many pages your website has and how many keyword phrases you want prominence in, and is outlined in the SEO report above.

We test your website and provide you with a Google ranking comparison report with your competitors' sites on specific keyword phrases.

We hand submit your pages to the top Search Engines. The cost depends on how many and which Engines you choose.

We monitor the progress and fine tune Keywords if required.

This service has given our clients proven SEO results. You are taking a short cut to improving your website's ranking  by benefiting from our professional SEO experience. You can try your hand at SEO, however you may spend long frustrating hours which could be better spent servicing your clients.

A note of caution. You may be getting offers for SEO Services by way of Spam email promising to get your site listed on hundreds of Search Engines for $40 or less. Don't do it. You will end up getting more Spam. There are only a handful of Search Engines worth being listed on, the rest are email traps. The offer also says you will be listed, at what position is anybody's guess. Once again:

If you're not ranked on the first page or two of Google search results, people will most likely miss your website, and that is the truth.

With so much competition in the Online world you will need a SEO service company that has a proven track record. We have been providing services to companies large and small since our inception in 2000 with great results. If you are interested in improving your business's position on Search Engines, Oznet is a service company you should defenitely short list.

Please submit our SEO Services Form so that we can get an idea of your objectives.

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