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SEO- Search Engine Optimisation, SEM- Search Engine Marketing

Marketing Campaign Compenents SEO is a component of digital marketing that makes use of search engine coding to optimise your Internet Marketing objectives. SEO is done so that a web page ranks higher in search engine results. The need for SEO arose because optimal ranking on search engines gets more traffic to the website which translates to a boost in sales. Optimising techniques and SEO that enhance your ranking should form the main part of your strategic marketing campaign.

Basic Search Engine Optimisation tips 

Search Engine Optimised (SEO) pages should include the following:

  • Meta tags – both Description and Keyword
  • Use major keywords in title - a must for SEO
  • Employ correct keyword density for each web page
  • Correct use of heading tags (h1, h2 & h3)
  • Strategically built quality links to your web pages
  • Appropriate Fog Index and Flesch score for the article.

Strategies for Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo like up-dated content. It is therefore essential to update web pages periodically.
  • For effective Search Engine Marketing, do an extensive "keyword" research and strategically place all major keywords throughout the whole website. More on this topic at Keyword Selection
  • Create a Blog for your business and update it daily by providing some relevant information about your business activities.

So far, we have discussed organic optimisation for SEM. However, these methods are time-consuming and may take several months to show optimal results in Search Engines. For faster results, some businesses are employing paid techniques such as "Pay Per Click" and Sponsored Listings. In the later case, search engines modify the rank of a website in the search result according to what the business spends. A similar way to get optimum ranking in search engines is to bid for specific keywords.

The SEM campaign would require fine tuning after a few months to obtain optimum resluts. The key is persistance follow up of the SEM campaign. Results have to be analysed and the campaign focused on best performing areas.

Benefits of running a SEO campaign :

A well run SEO campaign yields the following benefits to your business:

  • More cost effective than traditional marketing
  • Assist to track online marketing progress
  • High ranking in Search Engines
  • A jump in website traffic
  • Brand building
  • Feedback regarding competition

The key to an effective SEO campaign is the use of organic optimising methods rather than paid listing. Organically optimised SEO has a more lasting effect with better results in the long run. Once implemented , it's only a matter of fine tuning occasionally to keep up with rule changes. At Oznet we provide expert SEO services to enable your web pages to gain top positions for keywords and phrases related to your products and services

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