High Speed Access- and the phone still works

Our Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line  (ADSL) with a fixed static IP provides high speed Internet and Intranet access and the perfect solution for teleworker, small business and branch office connectivity.
If you wish to connect a LAN, Web Server, Router or Firewall to the internet then our office based ADSL is the cost effective alternative to ISDN.

This special package will connect from many prearranged remote office locations at speeds up to 6 Mbps -- which means your workers can download e-mail or Web pages faster than ISDN and at lightening speed compared with a 56K modem. The always-on option means that the connection is ready to send and receive information at the click of a button making you work more efficiently. 

We provide a static IP address giving you the flexibility to connect your office  LAN, Web Servers, Routers or firewalls to the internet. 


  • ADSL line with ADSL Router
  • Up to 6 Mbps downloading speed
  • Up to 640 Kbps uploading speed
  • Internet access with unlimited time usage 
  • Single static IP Address
  • E-mail account included
  • Newsgroup Access

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